-We can print & fold 10pg, 12pg, 14pg, 16pg, 18pg & 20pg Letters. Contact us for more information.


-We can print your next Membershp Card Package. Contact us for more information.


-We can handle the Mailing of your direct mail package too. Contact us for more information.




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Valley Press was founded in 1985 and from day one the goal was to give our clients the best service possible. This includes offering a competitive price, a quality product, keeping the client informed and meeting delivery dates. This formula has allowed us to establish long term relationships with our clients. We still have clients that have been with us since our first day.

Pricing and quality are very important, but you want to feel like your job is in good hands. Its the simple things we do like verifying we get your PO, replying we get a proof approval and informing clients when their job is delivering versus the client assuming it is. We are always available and don't mind answering calls or emails well into the night. In essence, we are always on the job.

Whether its a few thousand letters or a few million 4cp roll to roll continuous forms, we have the presses to fit your project.

We offer a wide range of options to you. Whether you need us to help with your layout, printing or handling the entire direct mail package (print & mail) Valley Press can do it. Our salesmen have the background gained from working in the plant, learning prepress programs and producing full direct mail pacakges over the years. We do not turn jobs over to a CSR, the salesman follows the job throughout the entire process which allows us to keep the client fully informed.

We would like to assist you on your next printing project and become the next long term client of Valley Press.